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authorities at this hour are investigating the mysterious death of a teenaged girl. and that's our top story at noon today. good afternoon. i'm maureen naylor. tori campbell is 06 today. there are many unanswered questions regarding a sleepover where a 14-year-old girl ended up dead. we're live with why investigators are looking into if something the girl drank may
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have played 5 role. here's alley alley rasmus. >> reporter: we just spoke with the authorities and the sherr 6 investigators say according to their initial is a -- sheriff investigators say according to their initial report, it may be alcohol-related. they say they went to the home where the sleepover happened and found a bought of -- bottle of vodka there. this 14-year-old girl invited three other teens to a sleep over at her house. now, all four teenagers got violently ill and started throwing up. the parents hosting this sleepover thought it was food poisoning. but the 14-year-old did not wake up. the paramedics were called to the home and they found she died in her bedroom. investigators are not sure what, if any, charges the
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parents of this ving yum -- this young victim may face. >> we're looking at all aspects of this. this is a very sensitive subject. they lost a daughter. so we want to make sure we determine the cause of death and what happened. but we're basically looking at an accident right now at this moment. >> reporter: now, the other three girls who got sick at the sleepover, went to the hospital and were treated according to the assistant sheriff. they are cleared and expected to be just fine. he also says the exact cause of death for this 14-year-old girl has not been determined and it will take the coroner about two to four weeks to determine that. allie rasmus, back to you. >> thank you. we'll continue to follow this store -- this story and have more coming up on the news a 5:00. east bay regional police andburg police are investigating -- sand
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pittsburgh are investigating a shooting. there was another shooting last wednesday, 27-year-old marcus jackson, who was probably the target. the neighbors are upset. >> i'm ready to move my baby out of here. >> this is the third shooting on the delta deanza trail in two months. police have not said if they believe the shootings are related. the chp shut down highway 4 for two and a half hours while police dealt with a man. police were able to get the man into custody and the chp reopened the freeway around 9:30. we put a call into the police about the flighture of what the man was doing and why they -- nature of what the man was doing and we have not heard
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back. drivers need to move over for roadside workers. it's launching this safety initiative today. the latest accident happened a few weeks ago in san diego. 52-year-old richard gonzalez was hit by a car on a connector ramp. this new campaign encourages states to enforced move over law. -- to enforce the move over law. fire investigators say the fire at skyline elementary school last night say this is arson. jade hernandez has more. >> reporter: good afternoon. the portal is just past the gate. the fire investigator says flames were intentionally set outside the building. if this is what the fire did to one of the outscore classrooms
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-- this is what the fire did to one of the classrooms. this is used for special education classes. the north county fire authority responded after dispatch received several calls about fire and smoke near the school. >> it appears that there were three different areas of origin that somebody tried to start a fire, three different areas around the outside of the built building. to give -- building. to give you an idea of the damage, take a look at this. firefighters responded with two battalion chiefs and six engines. within 15 minuteks, the flames were -- minute, the flames were out. as far as they know, the surveillance cameras did not capture this activity last night. >> we're working with the police department to determine
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that. >> reporter: we got a media release indicating no one was hurt in the fire and that the district expected to get more information including a damage estimate from fire officials later this afternoon. reporting live in daly city, jade hernandez, ktvu news. firefighters say a house fire in san francisco caused $350,000 in damage. the fire broke out just before 2:30 this morning at a home on melrose avenue. flames spread to a second half. it took firefighters 120 minutes to contain the one- alarm -- 20 minutes to contain the one-alarm fire. they think the fire started in the living room but the cause is under investigation. the book written by jaycee dugard goes on sale tomorrow. in her first tv interview, she describes the moment she was kidnapped on a south lake tahoe street by phillip garrido and nancy garrido. she remembers walking and being stunned by a stun gun and
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remembers waking unin the car with nancy garrido holding her down. when asked why did you write this book? she said -- >> both phillip garrido and nancy garrido are in prison serve -- serving time for rape and kidnapping. peg is still trying to get -- pge is still trying to get power restored after an accident on stony point road. police say the driver lost control and struck a set of guide wires for a main power pole. officers say the man was "ailerred and -- altered and combative. there are no details on his injuries. 4700 people were without power. as of an hour ago, that number dropped to 2,000. president obama delivered a highly-anticipated speech this
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morning for negotiation for a debt-ceiling deal. the president said it's possible to strike a fair deal with sacrifices on both sides. he says he will not sign a short-term bill. he wants a deal that will last a considerable length of time. he says it would involve spending cuts, the closing of corporate loopholes. >> i continue to push congressional leaders for the largest possible deal and there's gonna be resistance. there's frankly resistance on my side to do anything on -- on entightlements. there's -- entitlements. there's strong resistance on the republicans' side to do anything on revenues. >> republicans say tax hikes should not be -- should not be in the discussion. the president says talks will be held every day until the issue is re-- resolve 9. the treasury department says if the deal is not done by august 2nd,
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the u.s. may not be able to pay their bills. a mosque attack on a u.s. embassy. ahead, the reason behind it. and steve paulson is up next to tell you about -- about what he calls the unusual weather for the bay area. and parking rates, while some are going down, while others are going up.
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counties around california may receive a flood of inmates. starting this fall, thousands of nonviolent, low-level offenders will be shipped to county jails. others will be montherred and take -- monitored and take other takes work release programs. about four hours from now, a group will stage a protest at b.a.r.t. acivic center station in san francisco, where b.a.r.t. police shot and killed a man. police say charles hill shot and killed -- hill was shot and killed. police say he had a bottle. they want the b.a.r.t. police department to be shut
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down. today's protests will begin at 4:30. oakland police this morning have one man in custody after an officer-involved shooting overnight. it happened just before midnight outside the lucky store on macarthur boulevard at 38th avenue. oakland police are not relegalling -- are not revealing -- are not revealing too many details about what happened. officers came into contact with one man and and they fired. the other man has not been caught. officers say a driver of a stolen car in freemont lost control and crashed -- fremont lost control and crashed. a woman was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. police say she and two men used guns to steal the car 234 san pablo around 12:30. the car eventually crashed on the northbound 880 at mission boulevard after running over several pipe strips. a navy dive team is
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expected to join the search for the seven missing fishermen. the team is being route in from hawaii to search for this emerged vessel. it's 223 feet under watter -- under water. the search continues. the search has spanned across 226 miles of the ocean. one person is confirmed dead. children in the montessori school in livermore to help teacher mandy hong whose father is among the missing. >> my mom and i were talking 3 doing something to help her, just to find of make it easier on her. and my mom wanted to, like,
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like a -- like a bake sale. >> the bake sale was a huge success and they plan to do it again tomorrow. there's a web page and donations can be made there and the link to that website is at under "web links." you will find more coverage information in a video. a family whose son was killed in a fight in san diego? filed a lawsuit today. the suspect -- fight in san francisco filed 5 lawsuit today. the suspect es seben nunez was sentenced and on the last day of arnold schwarzenegger's day in office, he cut that in half. the family is suing because
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they were not consulted. maria shriver has reportedly bought a home. tmz reports her new home is in brentwood near the home she scared -- she shared 3 arnold schwarzenegger. she filed her divorce after word broke that her husband fathered a son with their housekeeper. the state definite's con tell -- the state's department is condemning an attack in syria and plan to seek compensation in damages at the embassy. about 300 walls broke windows, security cameras and spray- painted the building. no one was injured in the attack. this is video of this attack. passengers on the united airlines flight out of san francisco are finally in germany after a threatening sticker turned up in a bath --
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bat room. flight 996 -- 929 left san francisco for frankfurt. but the plane had to be diverted to chicago after a flight attendant found a threatening note. no word on who placed the sticker in the bathroom. there -- there are big questions about how a stun gun ended up an jetblue plane. it was found fry night before crew members. a stun gun was found tucked into the back of a seat. at this point, it's not clear who the weapon belonged to or how it got on the plane. the tsa and the fbi are both investigating. well, the locals and tours at lake tahoe are seeing shrinking beaches. after more than 61 feet of snow fell this season, the lake is right above the natural rim according to the the tribune. water authorities say it could be water -- later 24 month
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before the levels finally peak. the snow amount had a rapid increase last week. it has a big decrease this week. temperatures in the mountains in the 30s. for us, a lot of 50s and there's still low clouds on the go. which is kind of rare. we have low clouds and mist. a lot 6 drizzle. it will be back tonight into tomorrow. cooler, breezy, windy. very cool this week all the way through thursday, maybe friday, breezy to windy. it does look like there will be some warming. although there is a discrepancy. one forecast model keeps us cool. other unone brings us warming. the next three to five days everyone is in sync with an unseasonably cool system. it might be so cool that the fog gets wiped out. nothing to support about it -- to support it. patchy clouds, breezy and windy. we haven't even find a 70 at
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noon. 50s for some -- they are in the lows. they are in the highs. it will be 5 cool day along the coast. you can see why. a big band of low clouds over the south bay over to the peninsula, even west-southwest 24. fairfield, 12 at vacaville. a howling sea breeze is making it through the delta because of that system is -- system there it will deepen and temperatures staying way below average, it looks like we'll continue to bottom out and tuesday and wednesday i don't think we'll get much cooler. some of those in the 80s could come down. much cooler, below normal temperatures, some fog, sun, wind, some temperatures which were near 100 for some, they are in the 70s an 80s this week. it's a very, very dramatic change from seven days ago. 80 in brentwood. 62 oakland. 62 berkeley. 72, and windy in -- windy in
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walnut creek. temperatures, 60s, 70s or even 50s on the coast. peninsula, low 70s. it looks like this pattern is on the way through wednesday, thursday, maybe warmer towards the end of the week and weekend. but not a lot. >> a lot of -- >> big change. when you go 20, 25 degrees. >> yeah. i've heard other people say they think it will be an indian summer because it's late but you never know what's gonna happen. san francisco taxicab drivers are planning another strike. they staged a two-hour strike during the lunch hour a few weeks ago. they are planning a 24-hour strike on august 2nd. they are fed up with the fees and want rates reduced. they are also part of the system that tracks and records their whereabouts. they will meet this afternoon to discuss the complaints. new rates have been set for san francisco parking meters. this ties meter rates for demand. the san francisco chronic kell
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says the first batch has been analyzed and now the price will go up 32% of the meters and the prices down will go down 31%. prices will range from $1.75 an hour. sf park meters are being testified -- are being tested in eight different neighborhoods. environmentists say foam takeout containers off end up as lidar -- litter. burlingame, millbrae, oakland already have bans in place. scare -- a scare for a popular singer when fire broke out. >> what can we expect to learn about america's cup in the san francisco bay?
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taking a look at the big board, the dow jones is currently down 178 points. the dow jones average had its biggest percentage drop since july 15th. the european crisis appears to be widing about the debt spreading beyond greece. that's fueling a lot of this selloff. right now, you see the dow is down and nasdaq is down 61. s&p is down 25. there are two new studies today on second-hand smoke.
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it's -- smoke an its effect -- and its effect on children. one study links second half hand -- second-hand smoke in the home to learning disabilities and adah. a new petition is calling on the park service to stop requiring permits to stop -- -- too to climb -- to climb dome. we'll get details. plans for the 2013 america's cup race in san francisco. city officials are releasing a state required report about dealing with huge crowds, superyachts and the development of the international sailing
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event that it is expected to bring. the report also analyzessed environment impact of the event. a concert by rihanna was cut short on friday night. a blaze was sparked, forcing the evacuation of the american airlines center. the fire broke out about the knit -- in the middle of a song. more than 4,000 people were escorted out of the arena. authorities say no one was hurt. after the show rihanna tweeted "dallas we set the stage on fire tonight, literally, glad you guy the are safe". the debt showdown in washington, d.c. is leaving many taxpayers scratching their heads. coming up at 5:00, tom vacar will break that down. what exactly will the default mean and who stands to lose in the grove aches going on right now. we're live at the civic center b.a.r.t. station -- the negotiations are going on now.
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we're live at the civic center b.a.r.t. station. we'll have that story and more coming up on the news at 5:00. that's gonna do it for us. thanks so much for joining us. we'll see you back here at 5:00.
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